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Athena Awards

Athena, guardian of the city of Athens and daughter of Zeus, was chosen as our award icon as she was the patron deity of kings and came to represent strategy, discipline, national defense, poetry and art.  She was credited with introducing the cultivation of the olive, invented weaving, spinning and other domestic crafts and was worshipped as a goddess, revered for her beauty and was associated with the academic wisdom of philosophy and education.

Recipients of the Athena Award have been selected for recognition based on their absorbing interest, intense commitment, skillful accomplishments and radiance of Hellenic beauty as epitomized by the goddess Athena.  The love for humanity demonstrated by these honorees, through their extraordinary enthusiasm for community service, exemplifies the ethos of the Hellenic Spirit.

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The Project

The Hellenic Cultural Foundation has undertaken the development and creation of “Kyklos-Circle of Glory” at Athens Olympic Stadium. This historic mural and sculpture, presented to the city of Athens and people of Greece, honors the return of the Olympic Games to the land of its origins. United in spirit, we return to Hellas to celebrate the legacy, ideals and values that Hellenic culture has given the world. Ultimately, “Kyklos-Circle of Glory” will remain as a source of inspiration not only for Hellenes, but for all those who quest to kindle the flame of excellence within themselves.

Like the Statue of Liberty, Kyklos is symbolic of excellence and like Ellis Island, it provides a place where Hellenes and Philhellenes can immortalize the names of their families and organizations on a historic venue in Greece. Join us by adding your family or organization through this rare historic opportunity.

The Artist

Artist, Euripides “Rip” Kastaris has been commissioned by the Hellenic Cultural Foundation to design and produce “Kyklos-Circle of Glory.” Born in Thesaloniki, Greece and son of a Greek Orthodox Priest, Kastaris came to the United States at a young age as part of his father’s mission. A graduate of Washington University School of Fine Art in St. Louis, Missouri, he has developed many fine works of art that fuse themes and ideas from antiquity with contemporary forms. As a native born Hellene and an accomplished artist, Euripides Kastaris brings a special insight and authentic energy to the production of this historic monument.