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Hellenic Spirit Foundation Story
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The Hellenic Spirit Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization formed by a small but dedicated group representative of the Greek American and Philhellenes Community in the greater St. Louis area.
In recent years this group of successful business and professional friends have joined to sponsor fund raising events for several worthwhile purposes.  The first, in 1986, a testimonial dinner for Senator Eagleton, long an outspoken friend on behalf of Greece and Cyprus, was held in the beautiful Khorassan Room in the stately Chase Park Plaza Hotel.  That successful event resulted in a check for $10,000 presented to Chancellor William H. Danforth of Washington University for the Thomas F. Eagleton Endowment Fund, while $2,000 was presented to the justice for Cyprus Committee to benefit children in occupied Cyprus. 

Participants in the program included His Eminence Archbishop Iakovos, Senator Paul Sarbanes, Supreme President of the Order of Ahepa, John Plumides, plus hundreds of Greek Americans from all parts of the United States.
Next was a sell-out crowd at St. Nicholas Community Center, which joined to support sister parish, the Assumption, in it’s efforts to build a new sanctuary.  Members of the three parish communities came together in love and encouragement to offer their commitment for the success of the Church building program.  When that evening was over almost $17,000 was turned over to the parish.  The Honorable George Papoulias, ambassador of Greece to the United States was the featured guest of honor.

In 1990, there followed the staging of the 50th Anniversary of OXI, which included a stellar presentation of works of art by talented Greek Americans.  The recipients of the proceeds of that event were seven charitable organizations serving thye needs of children, women and the aged.  Almost $6,000 was collected in this impressive fair.
By now, those involved in the fund raising efforts began to ponder the idea formalizing their endeavors in a group, which would include cultural, educational, charitable, and social activities.  Thus, in a continuing and evolving manner, the Hellenic Spirit Foundation was born.

The first official event of the Foundation was the establishment of the National Hellenic American Achievement Awards.  Each year, The Foundation will select a number of Americans of Greek descent or Phil-Hellenes whose contributions to society are of such exemplary nature that these men and women should be recognized and applauded.  These people are the role models who encourage us as Greek Americans with the massage that hard work, personal sacrifice, team spirit, love of God and family are still the major ingredients of success.

The proceeds of the first awards banquet benefited the children at Saint Basil’s Academy in Garrison, New York.  As colleagues of the Hellenic Spirit Foundation, it was our heartfelt congratulations to our distinguished honorees and our grateful appreciation to the community at large for their generous whole support of this worthy cause. 

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